Daniel Mestres Garcia

I'm 25 years old, I studied music in the Liceo conservatory. I'm a great fan of epic fantasy and started with the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, but later I discovered the Dragonlance books and fell in love with the saga.

I've done music for short films and other personal projects, until a day I decided to compose the music I would like to hear in a Dragonlance film. Then I found this webpage and the rest is history. Thanks to all of you and to Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman for creating Dragonlance.

- Daniel Mestres Garcia

Available Tracks

The Heroes Go To The Adventure (.MP3)
I tried to give and epic tonality to this theme, with choirs and a percussive and powerful base. I wanted to show the force that the group of heroes had along their adventures.

Dragonlance (.MP3)
I'm really proud of this theme where I try to tell the Dragonlance history as a tale or legend, with quiet choir and wind instruments to get an epic tone.

Battle With Dragons (.MP3)
That's the battle of Tas and Flint versus the dark lord alongside their dragons. Again it's an epic theme with more action thanks to a quick rhythm and a large percussive section. At the middle we hear the heroes theme again.

Tanis & Laurana (.MP3)
That would be the love theme between Tanis and Laurana, with the soprano voice to describe the initial fragility of Laurana and a bit of mystery until the finale arrives and shows with power the great love of the two heroes.

The Death of Sturm (.MP3)
The name is self-explanatory. It starts with Sturm's theme that is heroic and tragic in this case. When the choir and flute enter the scene we could see Sturm's burial and the feelings of their friends.

Copyright Info
All music in this section is original and © 2007 Daniel Mestres Garcia. All Rights Reserved. You may download this music for your personal, non-commercial use only.