Cindi Rice

Cindi brings with her many years of creative development, brand management, and licensing expertise. After graduating from Easter New Mexico University in 1995 with a BA in English & History, she began working for TSR, Inc. as a designer and editor for Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), where she first learned the process of creating complex, in-depth storylines as well as unique and powerful intellectual properties. Then, when Wizards of the Coast purchased TSR in 1997, she was promoted into the brand management team and put in charge of the D&D campaign settings. By the time Hasbro purchased Wizards of the Coast in 1999, she had also been granted responsibility over business development and licensing for the entire roleplaying game business. In 2001, Cindi transferred to Hasbro's entertainment division in Los Angeles, where she managed the entertainment rights for all of Hasbro's fantasy, science fiction, action, and horror brands.

Currently, she still serves as their entertainment agent for those same brands (via her licensing company, Critical Hits). In addition, she has recently taken up the Producer mantle on the "Scourge of Worlds" interactive movie (released by Rhino in 2004), the animated "Dragonlance" film for Paramount Pictures (currently in pre-production), and the "Gamers: Dorkness Rising" independent comedy (currently in post-production), as well as consulting on the "Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God" live action film and quite a few other upcoming film and television productions.

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